What We Do

We are an innovation consultancy focussed on helping you develop great new products AND develop your innovation skills at the same time

  • Develop Your Innovation Skills
  • Manage Your Innovation Projects
  • Maximise Your Innovation Opportunities

Join the dozens of companies & individuals who have contacted us for innovation support by filling in the form at the bottom or calling us on +44 (0)207 873 2481.

Our Work

  • Innovation Consultancy Wine Format Strategy
  • Innovation Consultancy | Babby Food: Format Strategy
  • Innovation Consultancy Attitudes to Toothbrush
  • Innovation Consultancy Small Business Insight
  • Innovation Consultancy Condom Usage
  • Innovation Consultancy New Popcorn Brand
  • Innovation Consultancy Meal Diary
  • Innovation Consultancy Emotional Drivers of Pancakes
  • Innovation Consultancy Optimal Price for New Orange Juice
  • Innovation Consultancy Emotional Drivers of Eggs
  • Innovation Consultancy | Non Alcoholic Adult Drink Go To Market Strategy
  • Innovation Consultancy | Emotional Drivers of Fruit Juice
  • Innovation Consultancy Adult Ice Lolly New Brand Brand
  • Innovation Consultancy Comfort Food Insight
  • Innovation Consultancy | Emotional Drivers Of Bread

Who We Are

Our team has a blend of skills, including creativity, training, problem solving and commercial skills


Bill has over 15 years client side experience, developing scores of successful innovations still generating millions of pounds in revenues and profits, and since 2010 has helped dozens of companies develop branded and retailer own brand innovations


Sam has decades of experience both client side and agency side, developing penetrating insights that unlock profitable growth


Steve has decades of experience in developing new, exciting and profitable products in consumer good with his background in engineering and science.

Sales & Marketing

Andy has years of experience in developing powerful international sales & marketing campaigns for reknowned global brands