Revolutionising UK’s CPG Innovation: Challenging Status Quo for Faster, Cost-Effective, and Successful Product Launches with Creating Possibilities

At Creating Possibilities, we revolutionise the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) innovation process in the UK by challenging the status quo that has historically led to a 90% failure rate in product launches. Our end-to-end services, from Insightful Discoveries to Continuous Innovators, employ ‘Agile Insight’ and ‘Agile Innovation’ methodologies that prioritize data-driven insights and consumer-centric strategies, making the innovation process 75% faster and 30% cheaper while improving product effectiveness by 20%. Our proven track record with global and local brands, such as Guinness and Fireheart Coffee, showcases our capability to deliver commercially successful innovations that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

Choosing Creating Possibilities means embarking on a transformative journey toward sustainable growth powered by actionable insights that command market success. In a rapidly changing CPG landscape, we stand as the beacon of clarity, agility, and expert guidance, driving brands towards unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness in their innovation endeavours.

The Services


Insightful Discoveries

Harnessing cutting-edge technology’s power and employing scientific methods to uncover deep insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and trends to unlock profitable growth.


Creative Catalysts

Discover how our consumer-focused agile approach, from idea generation through concept development and prototyping to real-life testing, accelerates innovation and creates products that truly resonate with users


Agile Insight

Agile Innovation fosters fast, cost-effective, and data-driven product developments that resonate deeply with consumer needs and preferences.



Discover our expertise in crafting emotionally resonant brands and marketing claims, paired with rigorous measurement of brand effectiveness and social media impact.



Uncover how our Launchpad Masters expertly guide your product launch, from crafting business models to optimizing pricing and persuasive selling, ensuring market success.



Explore our comprehensive approach to growth, from evaluating innovation effectiveness and implementing governance to embedding a culture of innovation in your organization for sustainable success.



Our proprietary tools such as Elcano, Sentinel, and Sensiment swiftly generate deep consumer insights and competitive intelligence, ensuring our clients stay ahead in the market with innovative, data-driven solutions.

Work Examples

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