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Tools for Enhanced Innovation

Elcano – Navigating New Insight Territory

Elcano helps us explore vast and complex topics when we need to gather insights from abundant online information quickly. This AI-powered tool scans hundreds of sources, identifying and organising relevant themes and insights that provide clear direction on perplexing innovation topics. Elcano speeds up the discovery process, saving time and resources compared to manual research methods. With Elcano, we can swiftly cut through the complexity of any topic to reach meaningful consumer truths.

Sentinel – Staying Ahead of the Competition

Sentinel allows us to monitor competitors’ product innovations, helping clients get ahead of the game. This tool scans hundreds of retailer sites daily, flagging new products or enhanced features. We then research competitors’ launches with consumers to equip clients with strategic recommendations on whether to ignore competitors innovations or  how to intervene, isolating what elements of the competitor’s products are motivating. Sentinel provides an indispensable early warning system, ensuring clients are the first to know about relevant category innovations.

Kharaktēr –
Decoding Product Features

Kharaktēr leverages AI to analyse existing product descriptions and characteristics in a category. This provides rapid insight into the dominant features and meanings associated with products, which aids our ideation process. Kharaktēr also helps us identify gaps in a product’s features or claims that we can test for consumer appeal. By streamlining the analysis of functional product elements, Kharaktēr enables quicker, more targeted innovation.

Sensiment –
Connecting Brands with Emotions

Sensiment helps us define the intrinsic emotions connected to a product category through in-depth consumer interviews. Linking brands to these emotions enhances resonance and mental availability. Sensiment provides a potent launch pad for ideation, product claims, and communication development, ensuring innovations align with the category’s emotional foundations.

Sparkster –
Ideating Features and Benefits

Sparkster rapidly generates potential product features and benefits that evoke target emotions. Sparkster’s reinforced learning continuously improves the quality and ingenuity of the output based on client and consumer feedback. This tool alleviates the frustrations of manual ideation, providing quicker, superior features and benefits that form the building blocks of compelling new products.

Semantica –
Decoding Brand Communications

Exclomotion – Crafting Concepts That Resonate

Exclomotion utilises AI to rapidly generate product concepts that tap into consumers’ memory structures and emotions related to a category. This tool eliminates the frustration of manually crafting concepts while ensuring the results resonate strongly with consumers. Exclomotion leverages reinforced learning from consumer feedback to continuously refine and enhance the concepts produced.

Geniuse – Uncovering Exciting Use Cases

Geniuse identifies new and compelling product use cases based on consumers’ emotional connections with a category. Its continuous learning loop rapidly uncovers exciting and unconventional ways consumers could integrate brands into their lifestyles. This provides invaluable opportunities for our clients to expand their relevance and introduce their brands to new audiences.


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