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Linkedin Comfort Food

🍔🍰 **The Comfort in Comfort Foods: A Deep Dive into What Warms our Hearts and Fills our Bellies** 🍰🍔 In the culinary world, few things universally resonate like comfort foods. But what exactly transforms a meal into a comfort food? We asked 500 consumers to help us find out what made food comfort food, their…

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Innovation Investment: The Key to Growth

In today’s competitive landscape, innovation is often seen as the key to accelerating growth. However, questions persist about exactly how impactful innovation investment is and how companies should approach it. How much should we invest in Research & Development(R&D) and new product development? What kind of returns can we expect on that investment? Ultimately, does…

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Exploring the World of Whisky: Insights into Burns Night

Burns Night presents a unique opportunity for whisky brands to connect with consumers. However, our research shows that most people in the UK do not celebrate this traditional Scottish celebration. At Creating Possibilities, we wanted to uncover insights into how brands can motivate broader consumer interest in Burns Night as a whisky exploration and enjoyment…

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