Collaborative Success with Seep and Creating Possibilities – Integrating Eco-Friendliness with Consumer Desires in Cleaning Products


Seep, an innovator in the eco-friendly cleaning product sector, focuses on sponges and scourers crafted with a strong environmental ethos. In a sector crowded with cleaning products and a growing consumer shift towards sustainable choices, Seep sought the expertise of Creating Possibilities. They aimed to understand better the attributes online shoppers look for in eco-conscious cleaning products.HiPP Organic UK invited us to define the most motivating consumer proposition for two new categories, ensuring that the proposition was more motivating than at least the third placed competitors’ product.


Seep aimed to pinpoint the critical features valued by consumers in sponges and scourers. This knowledge was crucial for Seep to refine its marketing approach, ensuring it resonated with its target audience and stood out in a saturated market.

Approach & Methodology 


Creating Possibilities conducted an exhaustive analysis of online customer reviews across key retail platforms. This in-depth qualitative assessment aimed to extract recurring themes and characteristics consumers emphasized in their discussions about scourers and sponges. Key identified attributes included cleaning efficiency, durability, non-scratch features, environmental friendliness, versatility, and safety.

Using these insights, Creating Possibilities developed a range of marketing messages, each underscoring a unique combination of these attributes. The strategy was tailored to balance eco-consciousness and functionality, aligning with Seep’s brand values and meeting consumer expectations.


Creating Possibilities validated each marketing claim with 500 consumers, reflecting Seep’s target demographic testing their Purchase Intent to determine the most motivating claim.


The survey yielded crucial insights:

Sustainability as a Sole Feature:

While eco-friendly claims were well-received, they were less effective in driving purchase decisions.

Fusion of Sustainability and Performance:

Marketing claims that combined eco-friendliness with cleaning efficiency (e.g., “Environmentally-conscious scourers that deliver superior cleaning”) were more effective, scoring higher in appeal and likelihood to influence purchases.

Consumer Tendencies:

The study also uncovered a consumer preference for products that blend practicality (durability and multi-functionality) with environmental responsibility.

Strategic Implementation

With these insights, Seep refined its marketing strategy to highlight sustainability and functionality. This strategic shift resonated with Seep’s core values and catered to the emerging preferences of eco-aware consumers seeking efficient, high-quality cleaning products.


This revamped marketing approach resulted in a significant uptick in consumer engagement and sales, cementing Seep’s reputation as a brand that effectively addresses the needs of today’s environmentally conscious consumers. This case study is a testament to the efficacy of data-driven marketing and the importance of aligning brand messaging with consumer preferences for impactful brand storytelling.

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