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Working with Creating Possibilities has given us invaluable and performance enhancing insight on our NPD projects, including [yellowtail] and some new to world brands such as PepperBox which have since gone from strength to strength.  They brought an incredible depth of insight to the table, helping us to chart new innovation routes with precision and speed. Their guidance on naming hierarchies and pricing strategies was invaluable, all backed up by clearly communicated, actionable recommendations. This level of insight and strategic thinking is exactly what we needed to ensure our brand and NPD ideas were setup to deliver success to both our business and our customers.

Kevin Chinn

Marketing Director, [yellowtail] Wines.

Creating Possibilities was instrumental in helping us navigate the complex task of launching a new brand that truly encapsulates the essence of Fireheart Coffee. Their deep understanding of our consumers’ needs, emotions, and validate core brand expressions shaped an authentic experience that radiates the passion of freshly roasted coffee. The team’s remarkable efficiency and pace made the process not only fruitful but also an absolute pleasure. Without a doubt, they have been a crucial partner in translating our vision into reality

Russell Stinson

Co-founder, Fireheart Coffee

Creating Possibilities proved to be our compass in the competitive landscape of alcohol-free beer. Their agile and rigorous insight process, that validates everything with consumers, eliminated subjectivity from key brand and innovation decisions, giving us the confidence we needed to steer Lucky Saint in the right direction. Thanks to their objective approach, we’re certain we’re growing the right way.

Kerttu Inkeroinen

Lucky Saint

Creating Possibilities has been the master chef in our kitchen of innovation, skillfully blending our existing capabilities to cook up a feast of 84 extraordinary product ideas. Their recipe for success combined a deep understanding of our manufacturing capabilities with a dash of creative genius, serving up a three-year innovation pipeline that’s both nourishing and delightful, and that consumers love. We couldn’t have asked for a more flavorful and satisfying partnership

Manoj M,

Project Master Chef

As Marketing Director for HiPP, I’ve worked with many consultants, but few had the profound impact that Bill Harte and his team at Creating Possibilities did. Their involvement in the conceptual development of our new baby food products was not merely assistance but an integral part of the success we’ve achieved. Their meticulous attention to detail, innovation, and consumer-focused approach stood out from the start. They exceeded the initial brief, delivering results that went beyond our expectations.

Creating Possibilities displayed an impressive degree of collaboration. Engaging with us at each step, they combined our industry knowledge with their insights to create a synergy that was transformative. They didn’t just create new products; they created an opportunity for HiPP to reach new heights in the market, ensuring that our offerings were not only commercially viable but also met a real need for consumers and trade partners. Their confidence was infectious, and it inspired us to take bold steps forward.

Above all, Bill and his team have shown us the power of embracing innovation and insight. Their tireless commitment to understanding the market and the consumer has resulted in high-performing products that our consumers love. Working with Creating Possibilities was a game-changing experience, and we look forward to future collaborations. I wholeheartedly recommend them to any company seeking to innovate and make a difference in their category.

Ian McCabe

HiPP Organic UK

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