Project Masterchef – A Model of Agile Innovation within Manufacturing Constraints


Project Masterchef, initiated by Creating Possibilities, was designed to revolutionize product innovation within the confines of existing manufacturing capabilities. This approach eliminated capital expenditure (Capex) while maximizing product development potential. The project was targeted at developing a robust 3-year innovation pipeline, addressing short-, medium-, and long-term market needs. Creating Possibilities, renowned for its agile and data-driven approach, leveraged its expertise to transform this ambitious vision into a tangible reality.HiPP Organic UK invited us to define the most motivating consumer proposition for two new categories, ensuring that the proposition was more motivating than at least the third placed competitors’ product.


Project Masterchef was founded on the innovative ‘Inside Out’ process. This process involves a unique confluence of Consumer Insights, Manufacturing Capabilities, and Market Needs, explicitly focusing on the UK, Germany, Spain, UAE, Poland, and Australia. The project aimed to create consumer-preferred brands by exploiting existing manufacturing lines in three distinct insight territories: consumer desire, sustainability, and category frustrations.

Manufacturing Process Mapping:

The first stage comprehensively mapped the manufacturing processes across different factories. This involved a detailed analysis of inputs, processes, and outputs, focusing on the capabilities and limitations of existing equipment.

Factory Insights and Idea Generation:

Site visits to each factory were crucial. Here, the team gathered in-depth knowledge about the processes and explored potential variations that could lead to new product features. This stage generated an impressive array of 125 manufacturing variations.

Idea Development and Validation:

With a cross-functional team of 28 specialists, the project generated hundreds of ideas across the targeted markets. We then rigorously researched these ideas in each market through sprints. This iterative process refined the bulk of ideas to 84 viable product concepts.

Challenges and Solutions

The project encountered significant challenges, mainly due to the diversity in factory capabilities and the complexity of managing a large, diverse team. To address these, Creating Possibilities:

  • Employed external experts for inspiration and engagement.
  • Utilized cutting-edge tools for idea collation and clustering.
  • Developed a standardized idea generation tool to mitigate bias during validation.

Results and Impact

Project Masterchef successfully integrated 84 innovative product ideas into the client’s 3-year innovation pipeline, categorized into short-, medium-, and long-term projects. These ideas could be manufactured without additional Capex, outperforming competitors’ products and aligning with the identified insight territories.

Lessons Learned and Best Practices

The project highlighted several vital learnings:

  • Involving the manufacturing teams early in the innovation process allows for ideas that can easily work in the existing manufacturing capabilities.
  • Consumer input throughout the process is vital to enable learning about the consumers’ motivations. Every decision needs validation.
  • The value of external expertise in stimulating creativity and providing new perspectives.
  • The importance of fun, clear, inspiring workshops for maximizing collective creativity.
  • The effectiveness of diverse teams in generating a wide range of ideas.
  • The utility of innovative tools in idea generation and validation processes.


Project Masterchef is a testament to Creating Possibilities’ commitment to agile, consumer-centric innovation. By effectively leveraging existing manufacturing capabilities, the project enhanced the client’s product development strategy and set a new benchmark in resource-efficient innovation. This case study exemplifies the ethos of Creating Possibilities – turning challenges into opportunities and driving success through insightful, data-driven strategies.

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