If you think

research is expensive,

try ignorance


Creating Possibilities founder and co-author of The Agile Innovation Playbook, Bill Harte understands what’s wrong with the innovation process and is passionate about fixing it. He’s driven by a vision to bring down the staggering 90% failure rate that plagues new product launches. Bill uses his 25 years’ experience, working on brands such as Guinness, Baileys, HiPP Organic and Fireheart coffee, to create commercially viable, long-term innovations that are better, quicker and cheaper. His boldness, rigour and authenticity make him a refreshing, provocative and inspiring innovation partner.


Innovation is more than a professional pursuit for Matt Partner; it’s a fundamental part of his DNA. With a career that spans pioneering retail concepts through to innovating on iconic brands like Smirnoff and Guinness, Matt has earned a reputation for excellence in prototyping, testing, launching and setting the standard for innovation governance and evaluation. His years of leading the charge in these areas have solidified his status as an expert renowned for his strategic insights and his ability to foster creativity and profitability. Matt’s adeptness at guiding workshops further showcases his talent for unlocking the creative potential within teams, steering them towards outputs that are not only highly inventive but also commercially successful. His approach melds visionary thinking with practical execution, driving forward the innovation agenda with unmatched passion and expertise.

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