What We Do

What we do is simple: make innovation cheaperquicker, and better. Purpose

We focus, through our vision and mission, to give you the power to change the 90% failure rates usually associated with innovation at a cost and pace that has never been possible before. 

We work “end-to-end” to ensure the strategy, idea, concept, product, and execution to keep everything aligned to the consumer truth. 

Better Innovation

We use cutting edge consumer insight to give you the confidence as we build ideas, concepts and products. Consumers validate every decision in the innovation process, so you can have confidence in the products and invest for success. 

Cheaper Innovation

Previously this level of consumer validation would have been prohibitively expensive. Today with cutting edge consumer insight tools, costs are now a fraction of what they used to be and have the bonus of being quicker.

Quicker Innovation

In the past innovation would have taken months. Using our agile approach, we can now deliver product development in days, sometimes even hours. Typically we get consumer feedback within a couple of hours. Our way of working is to give you control over the cost, so you are always clear on what you will receive. 

We’ve developed thousands of new products across consumer packaged goods, in particular in Food & Drink. Join the dozens of companies & individuals who have contacted us for innovation support by booking a call or call us on +44 (0)207 873 2481.