Making Innovation More Emotional – Durex Case Study

Durex case study

Durex, now owned by the consumer giant Reckitt Benckiser (RB), is  a steadfast brand in condoms, in around 30 large markets globally prior to 2010. After RB bought the brand in 2010, they sought to re-position it to focus more on the emotional benefits, rather than the rational benefits  of safe sex, comfort and family planning. The emotional engagement sought marked a strategic shift away from safe sex to more magical sex for the brand – literally from ‘Feeling is everything’ to ‘Love Sex Durex’. The purposeful repositioning of Durex to make it more emotional shortly after it was taken over by RB led to NPD outside of the core area into personal lubricants and vibrators. The focus on the emotional benefits not only allows for a wider base to innovate from, it also allows Durex to be a lighthouse for sexual and physical health, as well as generate increased sales to become the number one condom brand worldwide.